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What makes us different

We mix corporate and startup culture.

We’ve been running innovation programs in large industries for many years. And we believe we found the magic recipe for making it really work.

We welcome challenges

Innovation is an opportunity for a collective adventure. We solve the hardest problems by leveraging solutions from startups from around the world. 


We Value The Power Of Collaboration And Believe It Is Transformational.

Today’s world is complex. And innovation’s speed is key.

At Inwibe, we love complex problems.

Sometimes, they’ve been outstanding for many years. With our customers, we look at them in a different way. And then we match them with innovative solutions from startups. You get results in only two weeks. Because today’s innovation cannot wait.

Don’t pile up POCs, aim for industrialization!

There are too many innovation projects that fail.

We believe this could be prevented from the beginning. By analyzing your issue and evaluating conditions for success. And by involving startups as true partners.
At Inwibe, we are a trusted third party that will ensure POC is only a step toward industrialization.

Think outside of the box and get inspiration.

Innovation requires a specific mindset. Inspiration comes from all directions

If we are able to solve the most complex problem, it is because we exercise to think out of the box. Too often, we see people locked up in a technology or an approach. Talking to startups brings lots of insights. We value especially innovation from other sectors.

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The Faces Behind Your Success

We bring twenty years of experience in large industries and a passion for start-ups. We strive to use our network as a catalyst for your future business success.

Fiamma Ferrero


Francis Lesage


Loïc Bronnec

UX & Service Designer

Thomas Buchard

Business developer

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