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Innovation and transformation challenges are an opportunity, more than a threat. And they are a collective adventure. Inwibe provides networking, consulting and execution vibes to accelerate the interaction between innovation ecosystems, in particular the corporate world and the world of start-ups. Inwibers are its propellant: people that act as positive thinkers and doers of all transformation challenges. People that value the power of collaboration – above the expertise of the individuals.

A complex world requires out-of-the box collaboration to generate simple solutions.
Innovating means selecting, finding and composing increasingly rich and specialized skills.When you Inwibe, skills go into changeable baskets that have a fixed ingredient: they are the best available ones, at the right moment, and they are combined in an adaptable and flexible way. Inwibers relinquish ownership of knowledge for its use, and concentrate on purpose and results, through sharing. 

Inwibers make a bet: to shift together, all in once, from time to innovation to time to market.
Inwibe is a community where Inwibers meet each other, discover and learn about innovation levers and transformation vibes, then they make business together. It is a consulting and execution firm that does not offer recommendations. It gets to the heart of projects, and it realizes them together with all parties involved. Inwibe does not stop supporting your innovation process at the contractual stage, but it orchestrates forces until results come.

Innovation is a human experience, whether it is breakthrough or incremental.
In a world of opportunities, Inwibers want to change and can do so, breaking with the past without fear. By Inwibing, valuable resources become accessible with reasonable investments, and innovation actors – freelancers, start uppers, companies, niche specialists, investment funds, incubators, accelerators, research centers, fablabs – interact in new combinations.


We bring twenty years of experience in large industrial and service companies as well as our passion for innovation and start-ups, to work on the opportunities brought by the sharing economy and new technologies. Through Inwibe, we strive to convert our network, optimism and hands-on expertise into an innovation catalyst for your future business success.


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Meet Us

Inwibers' values and beliefs turn into innovation, because we live them, and we make day-to-day choices accordingly. That’s why we choose our locations where we perceive the innovation vibe of Inwibers.



Inwibe @ Paris Pionnières. Inwibe is “resident expert partner” of Paris Pionnières, a booming co-working and startup incubation location at the heart of Sentiers’ district, where the French tech was born and currently develops.




Inwibe @ Laboratono. At the innovation laboratory jointly built up by Torino Nord Ovest and ISMB, at the heart of the Italian capital of manufacturing intelligence and social innovation.