Creating New
Engines of Growth

Looking to ignite a new engine for growth ?

We’ll provide you with a unique method to generate ideas and make that happen way faster that you could imagine.

Using our proprietary methodology will allow to:

1) Reveal innovation areas

2) Turn innovation areas into solutions

3) Run the program

First, we frame the project with your Executive Committee (expectations, risks, success). Their involvement and commitment is key to success. 

We make them particularly aware of self-disruption, lean startup and effectuation.

Using collaboration techniques, we drive your team to adopt an innovative spirit. 

With the team, we organize several workshops to engage them to :

  • make an inventory of your vital differentiating assets, 
  • generate out of the box ideas pushing disruption from several angles, 
  • evaluate the generated ideas.

We analyze together your value chain, your assets, and the evolution of your market to deduce priority innovation areas and value creators.

Together we will make a classification of these innovation areas for a first selection.

A business manager will be appointed for each of the selected areas.

As for service 1 (complex problem to solve) we perform a qualification workshop to identify the relevant information (context, goals, stakes, needs, users, sponsorship, budget, planning, specific constraints as well as the selection criterias). This will drive our quest for innovative solutions.

As for our other offers, we proceed to a more in-depth qualification of the innovation areas, to search and find startups. We work together with the business manager to analyze and select promising solutions.

We also facilitate contact with the startups, studying the feasibility of a partnership valuable for both parties, both technical and commercial.

We train the business manager in pitching, so that he or she and the startup can jointly present the solution and the possible partnership to the whole team and to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee evaluates the proposals and decides on a Go / NoGo of the selected solution(s).

Once the solution has been selected and validated, you can start the project using innovative methods such as lean startup mode. To turn into execution, you will choose from: 

  • Intrapreneurship

Allow your employees to drive innovation project from the inside like entrepreneurs.

  • Open Innovation

Create a product / offer in collaboration with startups with complementary assets in markets where you are already or close to.

  • Venture building

Create a subsidiary on a startup mode, i.e. a company outside the budget processes to go fast.

They validated our approach

Over the past 6 years, 50 customers have solved more than 200 use cases using the Inwibe methodology. They had us tackle their hardest problems, sometimes pending for a solution for many years.
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Looking to ignite a new engine for growth?

We’ll provide you with a unique method to generate ideas and make that happen way faster that you could imagine.

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