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The intelligent open-innovation platform.
Trust. Business. Acceleration.

My.Inwibe© is Inwibe open innovation platform for intelligent matching and personalized services and support. Organized by company typology and based on a network of peer-to-peer experts, it utilizes artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. It also offers innovative companies a tool to better discover the business potential behind all networking opportunities in order to maximize outcomes.

In an economy marked by digital transformation, innovation emerges through co-construction. Open innovation players can often run into problems, even when pursuing the same goals. Their collaboration is complex, which can result in a delay of the innovation processes. The purpose of My.Inwibe© is to offer a matching platform that allows companies to meet and better face the difficulties related to their development and their structural problems, so as to accelerate the time-to-market of their common projects and solutions.

My.Inwibe© is inspired by personal dating applications, which combine immediacy and pre-qualified selection of profiles. It can be used on its own or integrated into existing innovation portals and other open innovation tools. The search engine, based on semantic analysis technologies, pre-qualifies the meetings by assigning them a percentage of success based on both the needs analysis expressed by the company and the analysis of the solutions provided by the start-ups. The commercial maturity of both stakeholders is also considered.

My.Inwibe© aggregates public data from social networks and the web, facilitating enrollments and automatic updates. Special efforts have been made to provide excellent user interface.

My.Inwibe© links links the two sides of the innovation worlds simpler, easier and faster, than currently possible with other applications. By maximizing the matching probability and by increasing the likelihood of success of the projects initiated jointly, the platform streamlines R&D budgets and makes open innovation accessible to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium size companies, who cannot deploy the same efforts as large companies. The platform helps to remove the reluctance to share resources and ideas between companies and start-ups.

The platform includes WIBEmeUp©, a voting application based on blockchain, which can be used to animate meetings, pitch sessions, and open innovation events, as well as I-bot©, an integrated chatbot for service and support purposes.


How to create business value?
The smart business platform for intelligent matching and personalised services.



How to create confidence between parties?
Voting application for start-ups.



How to accelerate business?
Chatbot Interaction Canvas.

Official launch
Come and test MyInwibe on our stand L31 at Vivatech. Book your personal demo oneteam@inwibe.com

WIBEmeUp© preview
The application that animates and boosts start-up polls has been presented during the AgriTechDay organised at La Paillasse, on, 8th of June.

Press release
Read the press release about WIBEmeUp© application launch.