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Inwibe first focuses on each businesses’ unique challenges and then involves relevant entities.
We cover manufacturing, energy, healthcare, finance, insurance, retail, and many other industries. Then we pull up the most promising technology and human resources to reach your goals. Through an intelligent matching system, similar to the concept of dating apps, we not only join companies together, but also enjoy seeing the innovative projects they build together.



Providing business models that fit with your business strategy.

Organizing and conducting management workshops and learning expeditions.

Setting up open innovation initiatives that generate income and brand impact.

Facilitating contracts with companies.


Define and advertise your business goals.

Obtain contracts with corpoations easier and faster.

Find corporations that can help you achieve your goals.

Explore new ways of monetizing knowledge and assets.

Move from B2C to B2B models.

Add new products and services to their portfolio.


Reposition your value offering within the ecosystem.

Select the most promising innovation candidates, then support and monitor their growth and performances.

Recruit the most relevant corporate investors and business partners.

Determine matching criteria between innovation candidates and investors.

Identify business cases and assist all parties until concrete, new joint projects and services are performed.

Lean B2B
Sales Academy

LLean B2B Sales Academy is a training program for B2B sales specifically dedicated to start-ups, proposed by Inwibe in partnership with Lean Start-up Experience. The program includes training sessions and coaching, and provides participants with the access key to the large groups market, helping them to understand the organizational complexity.

The entry strategy in a market “B2B” is a source of numerous questions, to which a start-up may not be able to answer, especially if it does not have any business skills. A full program of four workshops helps control pragmatically the tools and techniques of Lean Startup and Customer Development B2B and complex sale. To complete the program: one hour of customized “one-to-one” coaching and pragmatic advices on apps participants should choose to optimize their commercial approach.

All these elements make the Sales Academy a training course tailored on entrepreneurial needs of each participant.

The Alliance for Open Innovation
The Sales Academy is mentioned among the good practices of the guide to Open Innovation, Les bons réflexes, les bons outils , published by the Ministry of Economy.

Fact and figures about the Sales Academy 
90 startupers attended the 6 seasons of the Sales Academy. Two special editions took place with the 2017 promotion of the French Tech ticket program and for the incubateur Paris Pionnières.

Nicolas’ testimony
The testimony of Nicolas Vérité, alumni of the 5 th generation can be found in the section Inwibers/Ambassadeurs.

7th Edition
The next edition is planned on the 19th of June 2017 in the headquarter of Paris Pionnières. You can already suscribe on Evenbrite.