Solving complex
operational problems

Faced with a complex problem that you have not been able to solve for a long time?

Share your headache with us and we’ll find solutions in less than two weeks.

Using our proprietary methodology will allow to:

1) Better define problem​

2) Source solutions that
really fit with the problem

3) Prepare for successful collaboration

Refine the use case : Together with you we define and select the relevant use case(s).

Qualify the true need :

We start by defining the problem to be solved. The difficulty is to express the problem, not the solution. We check the real usage with real users.

Past attempts to find a solution are investigated.

We analyze the problem to see if it needs to be broken down or if several dimensions need to be taken into account to avoid the mistake of looking for a single solution to a problem that is not.

We look at the financial aspects: budgets and business models (of today and tomorrow).

We check the level of sponsorship. No project without a sponsor. No sponsor without a project. Expressing your needs to startups by indicating the level of sponsorship gives credibility to your approach.

We provide information on the innovation project schedule.

Startups need to understand your timeline. By sharing an objective schedule, you increase your chances of being understood.

Finally, we identify all the constraints and obstacles to be taken into account.

Using the information gathered during step 1, we search for innovative solutions using our tool.

A first analysis is performed to confirm the relevance of the solutions found and to regroup them by the meaningful criterias.

One week later, we involve you to confirm the typology, and if necessary to refine the research criterias.

The following week, we present the results and the analysis to the business manager in order to help him choose.

We indicate our recommendations for the next steps.

Following the selection of startup(s), we prepare the first contacts in order to bridge the gap between culture and language. 

We implement the necessary actions to ensure the achievement of the objectives between the startups and the business owners. 

We act as a trusted third party advisor.

We use playbooks to address key points of both sides. 

We organize meetings and cross-debriefings between the business owners and the startups.

We facilitate workshops on contractual relationships, including a list of dozens of best practices.

The objective is to double the conversion rate and reduce the time to contract by half.

They validated our approach

Over the past 6 years, 50 customers have solved more than 200 use cases using the Inwibe methodology. They had us tackle their hardest problems, sometimes pending for a solution for many years.
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