Understanding Trends
in a Market

Want to understand the trends shaping an industry sector or the impact of technology on your business?

We’ll select relevant solutions organized by business use cases.

Using our proprietary methodology will allow to:

1) Confront key trends with your goals

2) Categorize solutions

3) Create action plan

We collect your objectives and transcribe them in the form of different use cases. We analyze them and define together the scope of the mapping to be done.

As for service 1 (complex problem to solve) we perform a qualification workshop to identify the relevant information (context, goals, stakes, needs, users, sponsorship, budget, planning, specific constraints as well as the selection criterias). This will drive our quest for innovative solutions.

Using the information gathered during the qualification process, we search for innovative solutions using our tool.

A first analysis is performed to confirm the solutions found and to regroup them by the meaningful criterias.

We also research R&D trends and innovation announcements in line with the scope of investigation.

Twice in the process, we involve you to confirm the typology, and if necessary to refine the research criterias.

We present the results to the stakeholders, and analyze them in a debriefing session.

We jointly establish a ranking of the most appropriate and preferred  innovative solutions.

We indicate our recommendations for the next steps.

First, we clarify with you how we will approach and communicate with the startups.

To support this, we organize a workshop to generate and evaluate various business models using the “business model canvas”.

Then, we confirm the selection of startups to be contacted. We prepare the first contacts in order to bridge the gap between culture and language. 

We implement the necessary actions to ensure the achievement of the objectives between the startups and the stakeholders. 

We act as a trusted third party advisor.

We use playbooks to address key points of both sides. 

We organize meetings and cross-debriefings between you and the startups.

We facilitate workshops on contractual relationships, including a list of dozens of best practices.

The objective is to generate mutual interest between selected startups and the customer.

They validated our approach

Over the past 6 years, 50 customers have solved more than 200 use cases using the Inwibe methodology. They had us tackle their hardest problems, sometimes pending for a solution for many years.
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Inwibes Methodology

Want to understand trends in a market?

We’ll select relevant solutions organized by business use cases.

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